Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Elizabeth Dole Offers Support For Terrorists

In the last few weeks we have learned that Karl Rove gave information concerning a CIA agent to the press. Mrs. Joseph Wilson was a CIA secret agent, working for the agency with no diplomatic passport. What that means, is that whenever she traveled overseas, as a secret agent or just as a regular citizen, she could be detained and treated as a spy. In the worst case scenario, that means execution. This is what was at stake. But, it wasn't just Mrs. Wilson, it was everyone she has ever worked with. Over the years she has made contact with many valuable "resources" overseas. Now, every one of those contacts is broken, never to be used again by the CIA. Even if they aren't found and executed, the CIA will never be able to trust their information, knowing that their identities have been blown.
We ask Mrs. Wilson to work for us against the Axis of Evil countries, that Mr. Bush has said want to see Death and Destruction rain down on us all. Is there any doubt that such a country would kidnap or torture the family of a CIA contact in order to gain their cooperation? We have all seen the killings, the torture rooms, the mass murders, do we doubt that even now former CIA informants are being slaughtered throughout the Axis of Evil.
But, there is more. What was the reason for going into Iraq? WMD. Weapons of Mass Destruction. What was Mrs. Wilson's expertise as a CIA secret agent? WMD. Weapons of Mass Destruction. By turning Mrs. Wilson and all her countless contacts, informants, and innocents who might have interacted with her, we have severely disabled our ability to find and destroy those who would use WMDs to hurt our country, our families, our children.
This has all happened because Karl Rove did not like something that Mrs. Wilson's husband wrote - a truth that was admitted, grudgingly, several days later by Condoleeza Rice. So, what does our Senator Elizabeth Dole have to say about this action that, at best was stupid, at worst was traitorous?

The partisan attacks against Karl Rove are out of control and entirely inappropriate. He is a distinguished member of the White House and he is my friend. It is incredibly irresponsible for individuals and organizations to make accusations based on rumor and innuendo. It is unfair to the investigation and even more unfair to Karl Rove.

Democratic State Party Chairman Ken Meek had the following to say in response:
I find it interesting that Senator Dole is spending her time defending Karl Rove instead of North Carolina'’s working families. Her standards of distinction are pretty low: Politics led someone in the Bush administration to do a dangerous, potentially criminal act. The person responsible endangered a covert CIA agent'’s life and compromised our national security during wartime. It has become clear that Karl Rove was that person.

Rove said in 2003 that Valerie Plame was 'fair game.' Now, Karl Rove is fair game. What's worse, the GOP slime machine is in full gear, attacking anyone who is rightfully questioning our President'’s judgment and that of his top advisor. Sen. Dole should know that the Bush administration'’s conduct, much more than that of its critics, is fair game. It's becoming clear that the Bush administration isn'’t being cooperative with the investigation. Sen. Dole should be focusing on her duties rather than being an apologist for Rove and associating herself with this cover-up.

Elizabeth Dole, supporting the WMD network of terrorist organizations rather than Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life.