Monday, April 25, 2005

Let's Talk Straight About Race

Mrs. Dole,
I, for one, applaud your recent remarks concerning Frederick C. Branch, the first African American to be commissioned in the U.S. Marine Corps. But, I cannot help but feel that this is a thinly-veiled attempt to court African-American voters, for which the Republican party has done nil. In particular, I feel you have a special duty to work for African-Americans, given the former Dixiecrat and segregationist Senator that you replaced. Senator Jesse Helms, rest his soul, had a long history of racist ideals and acts in Congress, which I believe culminated in his attack on Senator Mosely-Braun in a Capitol elevator. Senator Helms is alleged to have told your peer Sen. Orrin Hatch "Watch me make her cry. I'm going to make her cry. I'm going to sing 'Dixie' until she cries." (Gannett News Service, 9/2/93; Time, 8/16/93). Let us not forget that Senator Helms lead a one-man filibuster against Martin Luther King Day, participated along with Bob Dole in a battle to support Apartheid in South Africa, and was the leading voice against the Voting Rights Act.

Because of positions like these and more, I felt that when you took office you would strive to bring a calming to racial relations. But, in fact, North Carolina's African-American population is in greater trouble than ever before. Among the nation, poverty among African-Americans sits at 24%, while poverty among whites is at 10.5%. North Carolina was one of only seven states to increase the numbers of those in poverty in 2003. Yet, you have shown time and again that your morals are in line with the CorporaCons that control the Republican party and not with your Constituency here in North Carolina. You offer words when people demand actions. The only actions you take are to secure tax breaks for the wealthy at the expense of education breaks for our children. The only actions you take support corporate welfare instead of child welfare. And, the only actions you take are to speak kind words of one African-American man while thousands of his peers go to bed hungry each night in this state.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Oh the Lies Won't Stop!

Senator, Senator, Senator. You have moved beyond disinformation straight into lies and deceit. In a recent press release, you stated that It is a fact that today—for the first time in our nation’s history—a President’s nominees to the federal bench are being required to receive a 60-vote supermajority, rather than the traditional majority vote that has been the standard for 220 years.

Have you forgotten the 1968 Republican filibuster?

Have you forgotten those 60 Clinton-era nominees that were bottled up in committee by Republicans, so that they never even received their Constitutional right to a vote?

Have you forgotten about the blue-slip rules that you used to block Clinton-era appointees, then changed the rules so it would not apply under Bush?

Our elected officials should not lie Senator Dole, and that is what you have resorted to in this and other cases.

Lack of Honesty on the Military

Dole once again has posted misleading statements on her web page. Elizabeth Dole specifically states that I am proud to support our troops, many of whom are based right here in North Carolina. Would if that were true. But, as posted here before, Elizabeth Dole has voted against Homeland Security, Veterans, and Soldiers, time and time again.

How can Elizabeth Dole release such lies when a quick view of the Senate Roll Call shows that she has voted against so many measures that would aid the common soldier?

Dole is Anti-Life

These are the votes that Elizabeth Dole has made that make her unfit to run under the "Pro-Life" umbrella.
1. Voted against increasing the minimum wage.

This vote causes low wage earners to continue working longer hours or multiple jobs just to make ends meet. An increase in the minimum wage would allow mothers and fathers to spend more time with their children. Time spent with children directly impacts their contributions to society, the chances that they will turn away from drugs, away from crime, and instead stay in school and make a better life. By voting against this bill, Elizabeth Dole has shown that she is anti-life and pro-corporation.

2. Voted against an amendment to expand access to preventative health care services that reduce unintended teen pregnancy.

I think this is self-explanatory. By voting against this amendment Elizabeth Dole proves that she is not pro-life, but merely anti-abortion.

3. Rejected a series of amendments on the bankruptcy bill including:
Kennedy Amdt. No. 70; To exempt debtors whose financial problems were caused by failure to receive alimony or child support, or both, from means testing.
Dodd Amdt. No. 67; To modify the bill to protect families, and for other purposes.
Corzine Amdt. No. 32; To preserve existing bankruptcy protections for individuals experiencing economic distress as caregivers to ill or disabled family members.
By voting against this amendment, Elizabeth Dole has proven that she is not pro-life, but indeed pro-corporation.

Dole Must Go

Elizabeth Dole recently sent a strongly worded letter to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. In it, she asked why Homeland Security was not doing all it could.

Was she attacking their lack of port inspections? No.

Was she questioning the porosity of the Northern and Southern borders to terrorists? No.

Was she asking why they weren't counting the number of T-shirts and linens coming in from China? Yes.


It seems that to Elizabeth Dole, insuring that the Chinese stick to their import limits is more important than stopping terrorism. I know what it feels like to lose your income to China, my Dad lost his job when mining went oversees back in the 80s. But, as a Senator you have to make tough choices.

Where do you focus your resources, bombs from Baghdad or sheets from Shanghai?

For Sen. Elizabeth Dole the answer is clear, corporate profits ahead of city ports.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dole's Priorities in Right Place

Introduce legislation calling for $6.5 million for dredging vital waterway

Thanks be to good old Senator Dole. In this day and age of childhood poverty, decreasing education funding, death in Iraq due to improperly outfitted soldiers, and an economy on the downturn, Elizabeth Dole has her mind and her money on the right track. Helping out coastal businesses.

Now, I am not saying that these coastal businesses don't need help, they do. Dredging the inlet will surely provide some increase in traffic, or ease of traffic, and surely this will help business. But, just maybe there is another way.

Elizabeth Dole's strategy is this. Give
tax cuts to the rich,to the wealthiest 1.6% of Americans, thereby gutting the income of the United States of America. Then, because there is no money, cut veterans funding, education funding, health care programs, Medicare, Medicaid, firehouses, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Then, cry and whine when the cuts actually effect your home state, which might hurt your chances at reelection.

Maybe the Federal Government wouldn't have to give out paltry loans to the Army Corps of Engineers, to airports and to firehouses if we funded them in the first place. Maybe we could fund them if we quit giving tax cuts to the rich that drive our economy into the toilet. Maybe in four more years Elizabeth Dole will be watching from the sidelines while we find a better way to run this country.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

What hurts marriage more....

To Elizabeth Dole, it appears that marriage is under attack because homosexuals in some states may be allowed to marry.

I would contend that marriage is under attack by poverty.
• Between 2000 and 2002, comparing two-year averages, North Carolina median household income decreased by $1749, or -4.4 percent

• Two-year averages of the number of North Carolinians living below poverty grew from an estimated 985,000 to over 1.07 million between 2000 and 2002 – an increase of over 9 percent.

• The child death rate, though improving, is still below many industrialized nations with 22 of every 100,000 chidren dying each year in North Carolina. That is 2 of every thousand, that is two in each of our children's schools.

Why is it that Elizabeth Dole would rather focus on corporate welfare than child welfare(read down to see that Elizabeth Dole was one of many Republicans to support cutting foster care, adoption services, and children's medicaid)? Why is it that Elizabeth Dole would rather focus on banning gay families than bolstering poor families?

Obviously, Elizabeth Dole is in the pocket of big business and has been for many years.

Dole on Aging?

Elizabeth Dole recently touted funding of a senior center in Pitt County by declaring:

“I am so pleased that the Pitt County Council on Aging has secured these funds,” said Senator Dole. “As a member of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, I am committed to serving the needs of our seniors.”

But, George Bush recently visited NC to tout his Social Insecurity plan specifically because, as the Raleigh News & Observer noted, He picks a state where the two Republican senators support his wishes to change what some consider the country's most sacred public program.

The AARP, which has recently supported Republicans over Democrats, argues that setting up private accounts would effectively scuttle Social Security. "Siphoning money from Social Security will not strengthen it," says David Certner, AARP's director of federal affairs. "It will just make the problem much worse."

In short, Senator Dole rubber stamps Bush policies that will ruin Social Security at the benefit of large corporations, while taking credit for monies received by a local agency and declaring her loyalty to the aged. What a load is Senator Dole?

Dole Leaves Behind Veterans

Senator Dole with NC Veteran
Senator Dole meets a North Carolina veteran during the celebration of the World War II Memorial dedication.
From Elizabeth Dole's Senate page

In a recent press release Elizabeth Dole made much out of NCs military population. Dole pointed out that Eastern NC is home to Seymour Johnson and Pope Air Force Bases, Fort Bragg, Camp Lejeune, ... Marine Corp Air Station Cherry Point, [and] the Naval Depot. As such Senator Dole believes that Congress should consider expansion, not closure in NC.

Wow, that would be great. It is nice to see how much our Senator appreciates the military. But, wait. Does she? Let's see. She supports more troops in NC, she supports sending them off to war, she supports back-door drafts, but does she support the troops?


Elizabeth Dole voted AGAIN not to increase funding for injured soldiers returning from war.

Shame on Elizabeth Dole, once again talking out both sides of her Janus head.