Friday, November 17, 2006

Pro-Birth movement gives up on Dole.

I read this article with interest. It gives a list of all the pro-birth Republican, Freshman Senators up for reelection. All of whom won by 50-55 margins.

In 2008, Republicans will defend 21 Senate seats while Democrats will have just 12 to defend.

On the Republican side, there are quire a few first term senators facing their first-ever re-eletion -- normally the first and only opportunity a party has to knock off an incumbent in the Senate.

Saxby Chambliss of Alabama, Norm Coleman of Minnesota, John Sununu of New Hampshire, Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and John Cornyn of Texas are all first term pro-life senators.

The article then goes on to explore the hopes of every single candidate...except Dole. Have they given up on Dole because of how poorly she performed in the midterm elections?

Thank you Katherine HarrisElizabeth Dole.

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